Pearl’s letter and a lots of thanks

Pearl summed up things quite nicely in this letter that she dictated to me for her school friends:

Dear Friends,

I have been having fun except for when Lusa bit a porcupine on a ranch in Colorado.  We had to take Lusa to a vet to get the quills out.  We saw a hot air balloon.  We fed alpacas.  We saw an ice castle that was big.  We stayed in a motel last night in Texas.  A motel is a place where you open the door to the outside.

In the van, I sit in the back with my mom and my sister.  Lusa sits in the front seat next to Papa.  The van is full of bags.  The bags have clothes, sewing things, art kits, sleeping bags, stuffed animals, blankets, dolls, food, and tea.  We make presents, listen to stories, take naps, draw, and eat in the van.

My favorite part of the trip so far has been in the van because I am a traveler.  I miss my bunny and all of you.  Little Rose [Pearl’s doll] is enjoying the trip.

Love, Pearl

The only thing that I need to add is that I no longer need to regret that we did not have room for skis or snow gear, as there was hardly any snow in Colorado.  I guess Mother Nature didn’t want me to feel like I was missing out.  Now that we have passed, winter storms are being forecasted.

Acknowledgements thus far:

Many people have helped us along on our journey and a little thanks is in order.   Thanks to April, Jeff, Greysen, and Olive for being the best friends we could ever possibly wish for.  We also thank you for feeding us, helping with the girls and whatever else we seem to need, always being ready to hang out, and for taking such great care of our animals in our absence.  I want to give a special thanks to April for helping me laugh about all of life’s lessons and for always being there to support me.  And thanks to the April and Iris team for helping me get my Pleather on, even when I didn’t know I needed it.  Thanks to Sagit, Alex, and Elinor for giving us some fantastic accommodations while we packed up our house.  We know who to move in with, if ever we need to.  Thanks, Oso, for altering a harness for our little Juniper.  Thanks to Jess, Noah, and Isla Bandstra for the awesome activity bag.  We especially love the bird stickers and bird origami paper.  Thanks to all of our Bellingham friends for making such an incredible and supportive community to live in and for helping us feel so welcome and appreciated.

Thanks to the McDermotts- Barry, Susi, Leina, Marty, and Mira for adopting us as family so many years ago.  The binoculars Barry gave us have already helped us immensely. Today I got to see wood ducks so clearly!  The pocket Chapmans will be indispensable.  Barry, you always know how to give us the gifts we most need.  And you all share your Kirkland home with us so graciously.

Thanks Tammy and Dale for putting us up in Boise and making that awesome stew.  Juniper is still asking to see Tammy.

Thanks Grace, Brian, and Penny the cat for the sweet sleep and walk in Palisade, CO.  Pearl has been trying to sleep in forts ever since.  Pearl also reminds me daily that she promised Grace that we will stop back by on our return trip.

Thanks Sarah for such swell accommodations in the intern house on the Carpenter Ranch outside of Steamboat Springs, CO.  Lusa has fully recovered from her porcupine experience and it was so good to reconnect with you and Kristen.  The pickles are grand!

And thanks to Denise, Ken, Chase, and Casen here in New Braunfels, TX.  We are so comfortable and we saw some amazing birds today at Landa Park- LOTS of wood ducks, grackles, geese, an egret, and other birds that I have to figure out.  Oh yes, and we saw a nutria- funny, large, swimming rodents from South American that cause havoc in wetlands.  Pearl and Juniper are ever so happy to be with their cousins.

And many thanks to all of you who read this blog.  We feel your support and good wishes!

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12 responses to “Pearl’s letter and a lots of thanks

  1. It is so exciting to read about the adventures you are having so far on the road! We were happy to hear that you missed the winter storms in CO-sounded pretty crazy on the radio. We miss you all so much. It is so nice to see your faces. Give Junie a kiss for Olive and a hug to Pearl from Grey. The chickens and Grass Pinecone Seed are all doing well. I am sure you have heard, but one of your brown hens gave us a scare. It kept disappearing at night then would return during the day to hang with the other ladies. We finally figured out that it was roosting in Pearl’s playhouse as we found eggs in the rafters:)
    Love you all and safe travels. Can’t wait to see pictures of the boat!

  2. I can’t wait to see all of you!!! Miss you so much 🙂 Heather you are such a wonderful mother, I am so proud of you, if that means anything coming from a younger cousin… Your girls are so fortunate to be experiencing all of this, not many people get to do the things they are doing in a lifetime. Jeremy and I are looking foward to our trip. See you soon!! Drive safe Joey, you have precious cargo ❤

  3. Wonderful post and adventure update! Thanks for stopping by; that was a great time! Love you all!

  4. Glad things are going well on your trip! Anxious to see all of you and hear more about your adventures. Hugs & Love to all! Grandma T.

  5. It was a such a treat to see you and Joey! My cheeks were aching from laughing and smiling. Can’t wait to read more!

  6. Travis, Dylan and I are enjoying your adventures! Livin’ the dream . . .

  7. Girl you are letting me live an adventure thu you all. The kids look great as do you and J-man. Love ya’ll

  8. And THANK YOU for being the most awesome math teacher in the universe- We will always be grateful, which, now that I type that word, it looks so wrong! Full of Grates? Happy travels!

    • Linda Sue, This kind message snuck past me until this moment. It was a joy to teach Hoofie Math. And it was such a great experience to be a part of the WellSpring community. Best wishes!

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