Home in the Carolinas

We are done with long drives.  Hallelujah!  Not that it was all bad, but it is time for it to be over.  Our car is too full to stay organized.  Every time I go searching for a needed item, my leg room somehow grows smaller and the piles of stuff become less stable.  Also, I will have to partake in some kind of extended detox diet to counteract the consumption of road food that I found myself option-less against.  Usually I pack enough food for a year, even when I’m only going for a weekend.  Unfortunately, there just wasn’t space in the car for such a luxury on this expedition, and I found that non-GMO, organic, free range food is not really available along the I-10 corridor.  Luckily there were always hawks, lots of hawks that gave me hope that all is not lost in the world outside of the little utopia of Bellingham, WA.

The best part of the road trip was hanging out with Juniper and Pearl with no interruptions and no other agenda.  Joey and I are blessed with the two most awesome travelers that any wanderlust couple could ever hope for.  We shared stories, sang songs, sewed flower fairies and hearts, made cards, listened to good music, read books, drew pictures, ate lots of rice cakes with almond butter and jam, dressed and undressed dolls, watched the world go by, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

The other good part has been cousins and aunts and uncles.  It has been heart warming to see the girls reconnect with our family.  There has been much laughter and lots of fun.

We will soon be to Grandma’s.  Joey will take his leave to prepare the boat for a toddler and her older sister.  I will do our taxes.  The girls will do lots of puzzles.  Lusa will take lots of walks and get lots of snuggles.  I’m starting to get a little teary at the thought of leaving Lusa behind.  But I know that she detests boats, and Grandma is thrilled to have her company.  Every journey has its share of sacrifice along with its rewards.

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5 responses to “Home in the Carolinas

  1. Beautiful. Be safe. We miss you.

  2. How is it that the girls look so different already? You haven’t been gone that long:) It sounds like your journey is off to a wonderful start. Glad to hear that you are enjoying time with each other and family before you set sail. Hugs to you all. We miss you very much. Olive runs to the gate everyday and sits there. I think she feels like if she sits there long enough, you will come. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures:) Love you guys.

    • Oh April, Juniper asks to come to your house everyday. She asks about Olive and Emerson a lot. It sort of breaks my heart a little bit honestly. “Where I go?” is a common question. She takes it all in stride, that girl, and keeps her smile all the while. We miss you all like crazy! And I look forward to more posts from your blog, Mama Hen.

  3. Oh what a lovely crew! We miss you guys. Way to go Heather for crafting in the car! What a great idea for passing the time. I know Maddie would be all over that. She really misses Pearl. We were making valentines for her classmates yesturday and when I read her the list to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anyone, she said, “What about Pearl? We have to make one for Pearl.” I felt a sweet ache in my chest. I told her I didn’t know where to send it. Is there anywhere you’ll be picking up mail?
    Well friends, safe and wonderful travels!

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