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A Tribute to Big Boss

Big Boss and friends flocking around our sleeping Pearl, June 2006

Big Boss, our oldest chicken, died on Christmas Day.  Quite frankly, I am surprised she made it as long as she did.  She came to us old and worn.  We used to call her Shitballs, as she frequently sported an untidy bum.  She was never the prettiest and she always seemed a little off.  But she had spunk and enjoyed attention.  The rest of her initial tribe died years ago.  As new chicks were added to the flock, she set her ground and was always the first to get the scraps and the first to roost in the evening.  As our children learned to speak, her name evolved but her status and character remained constant.  And so she chose a special day to die.  The morning weather on Christmas day was gray and windy.  At the moment that we buried Big Boss, everything picked up- the clouds dropped buckets of water and the wind whipped it around in all directions.  Even with chickens, mother nature gathers all of her forces to celebrate letting go. 

Big Boss poses with 3 day old Pearl, May 2006