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Leaving Lusa

We love this dog, Lusa!

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Once I realized, seven years ago, that Joey and I were settled in Bellingham and Joey was going to be working on tugs headed for Alaska, I decided I needed a dog.  I’ve always loved animals but hadn’t found the ability to commit to one.  I guess home ownership somehow equates into pet ownership, so there I was looking for a dog.  As soon as the decision was made, I knew exactly where to start my search.  As part of my job with the Bellingham Cooperative School, I would pick up kids at Happy Valley Elementary to bring them to the aftercare program I facilitated at BCS.  Every day I watched, with admiration, a Mom walking to pick up her son with her dog faithfully following behind with no leash or necessary comments keeping him in line.  They were a unit, Allison and Cedar.  Cedar was the joy of many children getting out of school, and he gratefully rolled over to get lots of belly rubs.  Somehow I knew that Allison would find my dog for me.  And she did.  She was the only person I talked to about looking for a dog, and a few weeks later she told me about Lusa.  Her friend, Cary Lane, had a habit of rescuing dogs from sad conditions.  She had a whole pack at that moment and needed to find homes for them.  Lusa was one year old and had lived with a family that tied their dogs up and then chose to ignore them.  As soon as I saw Lusa, I knew that she was the dog for me. She had the spark in her eyes, the knowing.  Life with her has been rich.  We have had incredible adventures together and she has always provided us with stories to tell around campfires.

We had hoped she would be a boat dog.  It proved difficult enough just to get her used to the car.  Boats are entirely too stressful for her.  We will miss her while we sail, but we find solace in knowing that Grandma is eager to share lots of love with her.  This Valentine’s Day has been full of Lusa snuggles and love.  Tomorrow we promise her one last long walk before we say Goodbye for now.  We are going to miss her!