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The day is grey and I am struck with the reality that Joey leaves tomorrow for work and I have not completed my to-do-while-Joey-is-home list.  I’m forcing myself to ignore the bins of fabric that I meant to go through and I’m finding ways to laugh off the discouragement I feel about publishing a book.  Going through my emails I am reminded that this week is about remembering to give thanks.  My mind races back in time to a night I was sitting in a bar with Joey when our relationship was newly forming.  I recall sharing with him my belief that the secret to a good life is to be always thankful.  Gratitude, I realize, is what I desire to be the foundation of our life together as a family. 

I then stumbled upon a link to the making of a gratitude tree (from the blog This Cosy Life).  Walking outside with Juniper to gather branches for our tree, I looked around and inhaled the majestic beauty of this grey day- the towering trees, crazy wind, and swirling clouds.  I felt blessed to have this awesome child in my life with her sweet hugs and happy disposition.  I realized I am thankful that I finally got my garden put to bed for the winter, better late than never.  As I prepared dinner, Pearl cut out leaves from previously painted paper.  I was struck by her developing abilities- to cut, to diligently finish a task.  After dinner, we wrote from hearts to leaves and put together our gratitude tree.  I was thankful we could celebrate while Joey was still with us.  Trip preparations and publishing books no longer mattered.  They will happen when they need to.  What matters is that we are present with one another, feeling thankful.


My Platform

I recently learned that in order to be a published writer, I need to develop “my platform.”  Meaning that I need to devote myself to hours behind the screen making myself popular in cyberspace and beyond.  Facebook, Twitter, blogging are now to become daily habits.  And all along I thought I could make it in the world simply by digging in the dirt, hanging out in the woods, and making art.  At least my life is about to take a new direction in adventure and fun.  I’m not so sure the world needs another blog about snotty noses, whiney kids, and the monotony of the modern family.  Please do not mistake me.  I often need to gain inspiration about how to deal with my children’s seemingly irrational behavior.  It is nice to know that all kids are crazy and it is not some huge parenting mistake on my part.  I’m just happy that I will be able to create a platform by writing about adventure, travel, sailing, living simply, learning about other cultures, making art, and spending quality time with my family away from the modern hustle and bustle.  Of course though, my kids will still be crazy and I will still have Facebook.