Little Birdies

I am trying to publish a book about enjoying birds and art with children.

Click here to see a few pages of the proposal: little birdies book preview.

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I have enjoyed working and playing with children in the outdoors for over fifteen years.  My passion for birds began after college when I worked as an intern at the farm for Abundant Life Seed Foundation in Port Townsend, WA.  Barn Swallows nested in the barn.  It was joyful for me to watch them fly over us as we worked, and it was touching to watch the parents diligently feed their babies.  As I took the time to watch birds, listen to their songs, and think about their behavior, I became fascinated with their beauty and magic.

At that time I also began to learn about my own artistic interests.  I had moved from South Carolina to the Pacific Northwest, so it was my first exposure to the native art of this region.  It was moving for me to recognize the relationship between nature, art, and spirit and I began to experiment with my own drawing and paper cuts.

Five years ago I had my first child, Pearl.  I decided to start a child care in our home, so that I would be able to spend my days with my young daughter.  I decided to call it Little Birdies because children and birds are both reminders for me to feel joyous in the present moment.  Creating paper cut bird images
naturally evolved as we enjoyed birds and art together at Little Birdies Child
Care.  I was so inspired by this process that I decided to write a book about all we learned.

I am also hoping to connect with local schools along the path of our sailing voyage to make paper cuts with the kids in the communities we will be visiting.


2 responses to “Little Birdies

  1. What an amazing project, Heather! I want a book when you get published and will pass on the good word to other bird-lovin’ mamas. From the table of contents it looks like the book will be filled with fun art projects to do with kids? Can’t wait to hear more about it. Good luck!

    • Thanks Liz! It will have patterns and directions for doing your own papercuts. It will have other activities and projects designed to invite birds into your lives and to help learn about birds. We should chat about it over skiing. The snow is on. Baker anyone?

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